Promoting a sustainable fibre industry for British Alpaca
Promoting a sustainable fibre industry for British Alpaca

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 April 2017

With shearing about to commence for 2017 may we wish you all a stress free shearing and long fleeces. Especially suri fleece. For 2017 We will pay a premium for suri fleece above 10 inch staple.


4th July 2016

The year is off to a fantastic start with new clients contacting us on a daily basis. We have already had 5000kg through the sorting shed. Despite lower prices across the world we are managing to maintain prices for your fleece. This is our busiest time so get in touch early to ensure your fleece is collected.

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April 2017

With shearing about to commence for 2017 may we wish you all a stress free shearing and long fleeces. Especially suri fleece. For 2017 We will pay a premium for suri fleece above 10 inch staple.

5th April 2016

Alpaca and Mohair shearing has already started in some parts of the UK. We are ready to come and collect and our next round is planned for South of England. We will also be sweeping up those we missed after last shearing. If you have fleece to get rid of before this years shearing please get in touch.

14th February 2016

Valentines Day and we love Alpaca Fleece. We are still buying fleece and gearing up to getting the last of the 2015 clip. Its been a long year for us due to our client list doubling. We now try and reach over 400 farms throught the year. Thank you for all your support.

June 2015


A fantastic start to the 2015 shearing. British Alpaca Fleece Buyers now have over 300 farms on the books and growing by the day. The first 1000kg has already been collected and in the mill. This year we are aiming for over 30,000kg. Contact us now to be included in the collections as we travel the UK. We will be along the South Coast from 17th June for two days. Dover to Lands End.

16th January 2015


Check out the mohair prices. Unbeatable prices for mohair. We aim to beat any price anywhere in the world. The price includes collection and paid on the day of collection.

14th January 2015


Planning now for a collection route through Scotland. Travelling between 24th and 25th January. Get in touch to be included on the collection.

17th August 2014


It has just been announced that we are now the sponsors for the 2015 British Alpaca Society National Fleece Show.

This is the second year we have sponsored this event and we can only thank the 200 farms from whom we buy fleece for their support which has made this possible.

22nd July 2014


We are touring the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex areas collecting fleece on the 23rd and 24th  July 2014. Call anytime on 07713 633 236 to be included in the pickup.


On 28th July we commence collecting again in the Southern Counties and into the South Western Counties of Devon and Cornwall before heading North into the Bristol and Wales areas. Please get in touch to avoid missing out on having your fleece collected. We can arrange a time to suit you. Check the diary for dates.

4th July 2014


The first trip of the year to Devon and Cornwall is now complete and a further 1.25 tonne has gone into the mills. The grading and sorting is getting faster as our staff are getting better trained. It only took 2 days to grade and sort the last consignment.


Nearly 200kgs of Mohair also sorted and sent in. Thanks to all the breeders in the Devon and Cornwall area. Please keep an eye on the diary dates for our next trip to your area which should be soon.

12th June 2014


The 2014 shearing is now well underway and we are on the road buying from across the UK. Southern Counties are being visited first. If you wish to be included in one of our collections please get in touch soon to avoid disappointment.

1.5 tonne just brought in to the sorting shed and will be going to the mills next week.

28th April 2014


Over 30 tonnes collected in the past 12 months. This represents nearly three quarters of the UK clip. We aim to keep up the momentum for this year and hope to see you on our rounds after the 2014 shearing.


Check out the latest Edition of Alpaca magazine for our advert on the inside front cover. We are gearing up for shearing time and ready to take your booking for this years fleece. Contact us soon to get your fleece collected early.

20th January 2014


Fantastic news for the British Alpaca Industry. We have collected 25 tonnes of fleece over the past 12 months. All this fleece has been processed and the demand continues. The demand for British Alpaca is high and we can buy your fleece, any grade, any amount and we pay on collection.

18th November 2013


Just returned from another weekend buying fleece from Bristol, Salisbury and two days on the Ilse of Wight. 1.5 tonne now to be sorted and taken to the mill. Only two days to sort before getting back on the road for the next load. Get in touch if you would like to sell your fleece.

1st November 2013


British Alpaca Tops now produced and ready for sale. The fist of several tonnes of beautiful alpaca tops have now been produced and are ofered for sale to the International Markets. See gallery uder "Our Services" Menu for picture of some of the tops coming off the machines.

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